Bloodhound SSC

Recently we have been involved with providing our services for the Bloodhound SSC land speed record project which is aiming to break the land speed record with a pencil-shaped car powered by a jet engine and a rocket and designed to reach 1000mph. (See image below). Straintek can be found on their product sponsor page, see:

You can keep up to date with the adventure at and join the dedicated supporters group the 1K Club for all the behind the scenes news and photos.


Bloodhound SSC Rocket Ring

Straintek has installed strain gauges on the Bloodhound rocket ring which will be used to measure thrust on the first full test firing of their 122 kN (27,000lbs) prototype hybrid rocket in the UK. Created especially for the BLOODHOUND SSC Land Speed Record car it will be the largest rocket tested in this country for twenty years.

Created with Admarkets flickrSLiDR.

Video Showcase – Bloodhound SSC Loadcells

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