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Strain Gauges by MFL

Our partner Micro-Flexitronics LTD was established in the Thames Valley in 1996. The company spent the first two years examining the various processes involved in the manufacturing of strain gauges; the most appropriate raw materials to be utilised and the sourcing and commissioning of custom built production equipment capable of meeting exacting demands.


In 1998 MFL established a manufacturing site in Northern Ireland where all production orders for strain gauges and related products are processed. Today MFL are offering a comprehensive range of over 300 strain gauge patterns covering every configuration of strain gauge design. Strain gauges are available in Constantan, Karma and Nickel foils and bondable terminals are available in polyimide or epoxy backings.

MFL have the flexibility of being able to produce standard and non-standard products in a cost effective manner on short lead-times. This enables MFL to offer next day delivery on most of its standard products and one week delivery on customised designs.

By utilising the latest computer aided design software and by manufacturing in-house, MFL can react quickly to customer requests for quality products on reduced lead-times. Why not put us to the test!

MFL have developed a comprehensive range of strain gauge products born out of demand from customers for high quality products at competitive prices and of a design directly applicable to their applications.

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